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April 19, 2024, 07:23:03 am
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The staff here at Weegee's Boards requests that the Weegee's Boards members follow the rules so that the forums will run smoothly and all of the community members here will have a really fun and enjoyable time.  While you're reading remember two things.  The first thing you should remember is that I'm not to strict, so you may still have fun.  The second thing that you should remember is that these rules are always being updated, so you should check this page rather often.

1) You may not spam. Spamming is un-necessary to the forums and it is not helping anyone here.

2) You may not flame. Flaming is un-necessary, and is not respectful to the community members that are here.

3) You may not troll in an attempt to get another member to flame you, or anyone else, so that they will get in trouble.

4) We ask that the community members of Weegee's Boards restrain from the use of any vulgar language. Some vulgar language is fine, but please don't use it strongly.

5) Please stay active to help grow this community. This isn't really a rule, it's just something I would like for you to do.

6) Be kind and courteous to all of the people that to visit this Website. We want our members to feel welcome here.

7) Any banned member that are allowed to return to the site should be treated with equal respect as every other member here.

8) Scamming of any sort, whether it be passwords, money, paypal accounts, ect. is forbidden.

9) Keep your postings in the relative boards. Put your forum games in the forum games section. Not hacking.

10) Proofread your message before posting. Having a clear, well-written post will make it easier for everyone else to read and will also make you look good. So before you press the "Submit" button, please double check your post for any spelling or grammar problems. This also includes correct HTML/CSS. If you don't have proper HTML/CSS it could screw up the site.

11) Please talk like a normal person. Don't post a message where you're using netspeak/1337 speak. An example to this is "u r so stoopid" It makes you look "stoopid" and will get you a ban.

12) You must add some content to your post. Please don't post a message saying, "Ok." if somebody has answered your question. This isn't a big deal, it's just kind of annoying when somebody posts a pointless message.

13) You must have a valid e-mail address, and your e-mail must also be yours. If your e-mail is not valid, or it's not yours, you will have to change it. Yes, staff can see your e-mail. Don't be hesitant to post your e-mail now that you know this information, as we will not do anything with your e-mail. Your e-mail is just for updates to the site, password reminders, etc. Please don't get mad, as this rule is partially for you safety and security.

14) You may not register more than one account. Of course, there are a few exceptions, such as a family member registering. I'm a fairly organized person, so I don't want this happening.

15) You may not stretch bandwidth. It makes pages look crappy, and it increases the load time for users on slower Internet connections, Such as myself, actually.

16) You may not post any explicit content. This includes anything related to pornography or nudity.

17) Please don't post any racial or abusive content. This is strictly prohibited in the Weegee's Boards community. Why, you may ask? Because it is dirty, nasty, and mean.

18) You may not post anything invading anyones privacy, such as someones password, someones e-mail, etc.

19) Do not post or distribute any illegal material. I don't really have to write a definition to this, as it is rather self explanatory.

If any of these rules are broken, immediate action will be taken. The action that is taken will be determined on the level of the offense that you have committed.

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